Welcome To The Wedding Booking Page.

Although 4th Street are predominantly an original band they also take pride in performing at numerous private parties and weddings across Europe and the UK.  The band has been playing events and venues professionally for over 17 years and with an ever growing repertoire of modern & classic rock  covers they are more than  just your "Average Wedding Band"

Whether you've seen them before or they have been recommended, they are guaranteed to rock up the big day.


Please fill in the booking submission form and your enquiry will be dealt with ASAP, if you require any further information then please see the FAQ's section below or alternatively you can email the management directly via the email link on this page.


How much do you charge?

There is no set fee for a wedding Reception; all quotes vary due to a number of factors, the main effect on fee is the venue distance from the band HQ. Other factors are overnight stays, the request to set up and/or play first set before 6pm or the request to play a later set that runs past 11.30pm. Please fill in the relevant information on the online booking form and a quote will be emalied back to you shortly.

How & when do I need to pay?

After the online booking form has been filled in and sent, you will have a response with a quote. If you are happy with the quote let us know ASAP, then all the information will follow on how to confirm the booking and how the fee is to be settled.

How long will the band play?

For all wedding receptions, the band will play 2x50 min sets taking place somewhere between 7.45pm - 11.30pm. You choose where you'd like the sets in this period.

Do you provide a DJ package?

Unfortunately no, the quote is for the live sets, it's always recomended you book a DJ separately. Most reception parites usually go on through to the early hours long after the band have finished and we'd not want to spoil the evening by cutting the music early.

Do you play first dance requests?

As you can imagine this is possibly the most asked question, due to the vast amount of weddings the band play they simply could not learn the amount of requests. On the other hand, it’s always worth asking as it may be something that’s been in a previous set, or it may even been in the current set list. The current set is available to download on this page.

What time will the band arrive?

The band will aim to be at the venue between 6-7pm to load in, set up and sound check. If access is good and on ground floor level this should take roughly 45-60min.

Can we play music on your PA?

Yes, the band have a Bluetooth system that you can connect your smart phone or iPod to, if you wish to just have your selected play list playing before the first set, during the break and after the last set rather than a DJ.

Please note that the bands final set ends at 11.30pm, pack down and load out commences immediately after the last song, it is normally a 30 min process resulting in smart phone/iPod music cut off at 12.00am.

Any special requirements?

All the brown M&M’s separated from a pack and put in a in a bowl, fresh flowers in their dressing room which must have a south west facing window… Just kidding!

These evenings can be long, starting at set off journey from the band HQ to the exhausting drive home and unloading, though not a requirement, the band would appreciate joining the buffet or hog roast que to keep up the energy levels. It almost goes without saying that alcoholic refreshments would be most welcoming also.

What songs do the band play?

The current set list is available to download as PDF file on this page, there are options to alter it, but each set the band play needs to consist of 11-12 songs minimum. Any changes you would like to make using the Encore/Alternitaves must be requested no less than 4 weeks prior to the event date.


Set List